My name is Michael Brown.  I was born in Jackson Mississippi to Diane and Rickey James.  My Mother, at a very young age gave me the greatest gift  known to man, God.  My love for helping people comes from my love for God.  God has given me a heart that is very close to his, and daily I'm maturing, trying to reach Gods "Perfect Love".  Jesus Christ was sent here to serve mankind, and if I'm to be anything like Christ, which is my goal in life, I need to serve mankind as well.  I will be the hands, heart and feet of Christ, in hopes that someone will see me in "ACTION" and "WILLINGLY" want to repeat it.  I'm a blessed man with a Wife & Kids who not only support me with what I do, but who actively stand right by my side, staring the homeless in the face with know fear.  I will do this for the rest of my life.  Its who I am. 

Our founder